Spring 2016 Couture

“The very essence of Haute Couture is about creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary” (Schiaparelli)

It was just Spring- Summer 2016 Couture week in Paris!  Magic is in the air!  Couture week gives designers the excuse to go crazy and create extremely groundbreaking creations.  I LOVE the details and the luxury that is featured so front and center when haute couture is involved- get ready to be inspired!

Here’s a rundown of what happened on the runway-

Giambattista Valli- the word that comes to mind when looking at this stunning collection is WOW! Flowers and frills galore in many different forms. Prints, cutouts, tulle and so many other amazing details helped create a magical artistic collection.

Chanel had a variety of themes going on- from flowy to suit-like they had many areas covered.

Viktor & Rolf- really pushed the envelope- their dresses all consisted of reconstructed faces all in white.  A lot of fabric manipulation and a real optical illusion feel.  This week was just the place to showcase this collection, a collection that truly is art.


Elie Saab- inspired by India or as he put it “an Englishwoman in India” his designs have intricate beaded details and sari inspired draping with a western princess-like twist.  I think that his dresses are going to be a big thing at the coming award shows.

Schiaparelli’s designs by the new design director Bertrand Guyon were amazingly outrageous. “It’s a return to things that are essential, the pleasure of having friends at home,” said Guyon, it was a response to the November terror attacks in Paris.  The designs including prints of food and tableware- the feeling was very “dinner party” and took classic Schiaparelli inspirations to make this collection extra special and nostalgic.  Lobsters, tea sets,  cutlery and vegetables were only some of the prints featured in the collection.

So much more happened obviously and I will hopefully continue this in another blog post coming soon but for now here are some of my first sketches from the Spring Couture shows.  More to come soon!



Elie Saab SS 2016 Couture- so much inspiration there!



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