Celebrating the Super Bowl with Cake

While some people love their sports others use them as an excuse for a party!  I guess I’m the type that’s always looking for a way to be creative especially in the kitchen.  As the Super Bowl has gotten closer I saw all these tutorials and ideas and I thought- hey why not try something of my own! So I baked a chocolate cake, shaped it and iced it as a football, it was easy, delicious and such a crowd pleaser!  May the best team win!


Here is one of my favorite chocolate cake recipes (It’s vegan and happens to be one that has been passed around the family and once you try it you’ll see why! (I apologize I forgot to take pictures as I was mixing the batter but it’s such a simple recipe so you don’t really need to see pictures)



3 Cups of Flour

2 Cups of Sugar

3/4 Cup of Cocoa

2 tsp of baking soda

2 Tbsp of Vinegar

2 tsp of Vanilla

1 tsp of Salt

2 Cups of Water

3/4 Cup of Oil

Mix and pour into pan (this is such a versatile recipe you can pretty much use any pan and even split it up into a bunch of pans) bake at 350′ (or 170 Celcius) for about 45 minutes

Football Cake
After baking the cake in a rectangular pan i cut it in the shape of a football (the scraps were a great snack!)

After the cake has cooled I make the glazes.

Chocolate glaze:

1 1/4 Cups of Confectioners Sugar

3 Tbsp of Cocoa

1 Tbsp Instant Coffee

Mix together and add:

3 Tbsp of Oil

4 Tbsp of Water

Mix until smooth and it will just spread on the cake beautifully!

White Icing:

1 Cup of Confectioners Sugar

1/4 tsp of Vanilla

2 Tbsp of Hot Water

1 Tbsp of Oil

1 Drop of Lemon Juice

Mix together until shiny and design as you wish!  In the football designs case I should have used a piping bag but I just quickly used a spoon to design it while it was hot but it was thicker than I hoped it would be.  It was challenging because the white icing thickens quickly but its such a delicious icing that in the end it looked good enough!  It tasted so great and was such a conversation piece at over this Super Bowl weekend that why not do this again?!  Next time I want to make little individual footballs and put frosting in the middle as well but this was a good first football! 🙂




Happy Super Bowl Sunday and remember- a party without cake is just a meeting!



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