What’s a girl to wear on those warm winter days? NYFW AW 2016- P1

Autumn- Winter 2016 fashion week has begun in New York!

While many people around the world (including in NY) experience cold autumns and winters in many other places like say LA winter is a little different.  What’s a girl to do when the Autumn winter fashions are just too warm for her hometown/ she’s vacationing somewhere warm during the winter?? Rebecca Minkoff pretty much just answered that question with her new collection! The colors and the fabrics were totally not your typical winter attire!  As printed on some of her T-shirts (including the one she was wearing…)- “LA NY”- she probably was trying to gear her collection to more of an LA climate adding jackets to some of her looks for those chillier days and locations.  I loved her use of this years pantone colors so front and center, the collection is really pastels and flowy, light materials galore!  Another detail she had in a bunch of her designs that is one of my favorite fashion trends is “pussy bows”- a bow tied at the neck attached to the shirt/ dress.  This trend that I personally love doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as seen in the Saint Laurent AW 2016 collection as well. (More about that later!)

This post is a shout out to the very cool Rebecca Minkoff who had a rock band performing during her show- love the mix of rock and light flowy clothing.


This show totally inspired me!  As I work on some sketches and check out the other amazing shows I would like to begin this fashion season with this, groundbreaking designs for winter and a brand new fashion week shopping concept- #seebuywear – all these outfits can be found on the Rebecca Minkoff website!

Happy Fashion Week!  Stay tuned for much more..!




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