Butterflies and Pirates- London Fashion Week AW 2016

London fashion week was full of  colorful and eclectic designs alongside sleek winterwear.  Many of the trends we saw during NYFW continued in London- specifically the Fur and sheer trends as well as many others like leopard print/ animal print in general, tiered skirts/ high slits and other skirt length details and more.  We saw many other trends that took center stage.  One of the trends that I didn’t mention that was more prominent in London though it was also featured in NY was the shirts under dresses trend, way to make a slinky sleeveless dress more modest but I happen to think this combo can often look sloppy.  Also the cape-coats/ cloaks aren’t going anywhere as seen in the Mulberry and Temperley London shows especially.

Illustrations by me


Fur galore…

A question though for you London fashion week designers- what’s with the butterflies???

Mary Katranzou is really becoming one of my favorite designers and she did not disappoint this season! Her attention to details, the embroidery and the babushka style scarves!! She had so many of my favorite design elements- she’s so my girl! Stars, Pleated skirts, butterflies, all very fun and girly.

Mulberry’s coats and cloaks were so sleek and classy- so great to see!

Roksanda- who are you? I love you!- Clothing with plush and upscale look and those rich hues and textures! Nice to meet you!

Temperley London- I wanted pretty much every item displayed at that show- Pirates!!!! The Embroidery! And the Bows! and the flowers! and the silhouettes! I can’t get enough.The designer said that the prints she used are inspired by tattoos.  But seriously check out the embroidered frogging patterns- AMAZING!


What’s a girl to do when she’s so far away and these pieces of clothing are so out of her price range?? Thank God for Zara and their imitation pieces!  One day..

Pussy Bows and other neck details continued to be a strong feature in London



A very minimal taste of the florals presented


Pleats- another favorite trend of mine..


On to Milan where the shows are already outstanding! Can’t wait to report!

WAGTD?? xox


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