The wild and the tailored – Milan Fashion Week AW 2016

Whats a girl to do when she is at a loss for words??  It’s time to go visual! I had a great time sketching Milan’s looks, here is a little taste!

Giamba and Ferragamo- pen on paper
Gucci and Philosophy- pen and pencil on paper
Milan fashion week was a mix of classy impeccably tailored designs and crazy prints.  I won’t waste words on all the details but here is a short trend rundown.  Let me just say that Gucci opened Milan Fashion week and set the standards pretty high…

FUR– a classic trend with some modern tweaks

Animal Print Galore

Cloaks-the perfect winter garment!

Sparkle Sparkle!



What’s with the lips/ cigarettes??

And the chandeliers?


A parade of sheer materials, fur, cloaks and ruffles graced our presence on the runways. Many of the same trends along with a few extras were showcased front and center. I think at this point I have a visual sensory overload but hey, it’s great! Next stop- Paris Fashion Week!

Moschino pen on paper
Moschino and Philosophy Pen on Paper
Have a great weekend!




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