Pretzel Cookie Crusted Chocolate Pie-What’s a girl to bake- PI day 2016 edition

Happy PI day!  What’s a girl to bake when PI day is coming and she is short on time? Every year I bake pie for PI day and somehow this year I was in a rush but there was no way I was missing out on PI day Pie! That is how this Pretzel and cookie crusted chocolate pie was born.  This is the perfect recipe for someone short on time and/ or out of ingredients! Plus who can resist chocolate and pretzels?  I made this dairy free but substitute the bittersweet chocolate with milk chocolate and the oil  with butter and voila!  Note to all- this crust is probably the best part of the pie! So here goes:



2 cups of pretzels

6 cookies (I used sandwich cookies since I was pretty much out of homemade cookies unfortunately)

process in food processor

5 Tbsp of Oil (substitute with 6 Tbsp of butter for the dairy version)

mix the “crumbs” with the oil and pat down in a pie plate (I used a pyrex one)


Bake for 15 minutes at 350′ and put aside to cool


about 200 grams of chocolate melted (I used bittersweet, you can mix in milk chocolate) mix along with creamer (which I skipped making the pie more of a chocolate bar but I wouldn’t skip this next time…)


Pour in cooled pie shell and refrigerate for a few hours, I decorated it with pretzels.


How easy is that??

Hope you all eat lots of pie!

‘Til next time ~ xox WAGTD


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