Paris Fashion Week- bringing AW 2016 Fashion season to an end…

How’s a girl to conclude weeks of fashion?  So many designers presented their work each concluding hours upon hours of work into 10 minutes.

Paris had many trends that continued from the other cities and shows.  I think it is safe to say that next winter we will be wearing lots of colorful fur, animal print, detailed collars/ neck details and ruffles, sheer materials, capes and florals.  Neck and shoulder accentuation were front and center throughout the season.

One of the trends that was front and center was the layered dress and shirt look, making the flimsiest of dresses modest?  Or maybe just a frumpy look?  I’m not the biggest fan but you could find designs such as those across the board at so many shows.

Before I share my take on Paris fashion week in drawing I would like to give a shout out to Iris  Van Herpen who created a gorgeous 3D printed collection, talk about pushing the limits of what we know and truly being unique.  Paris fashion week featured so many beautiful collections so thank you for being so inspiring dear designers!


Chanel and Balmain
Lanvin and Elie Saab
Giambattista Valli and Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent and Sonia Rykiel

Paris fashion week with all of it’s chic elegance inspired me to draw everything in black and white- pen and paper.

Now for a tiny taste of the trends:

Fur galore!


Loving the cloaks!

Animal print

Ruffles everywhere..

That’s it for AW 2016 fashion season- but fashion is everywhere so stay tuned!



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