My Baked Goods Were On TV!

What’s a girl to do when she’s invited to present her desserts at a live TV event in Tel Aviv in honor of the premier of “Bake off Israel”- well she bakes of course- so some recipes are coming up but before that I have to share my experience with you guys!

First of all I present the gorgeous Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, Israel where the event took place. Israel is no stranger to Markets but this one is a modern one with state of the art restaurants and stores.

We presented our desserts in an outdoor area and it was wonderful, we all got amazing responses and the feel was really festive.  Here are some pictures of Sarona Market and from the set of the TV show we presented our desserts at:

My outfit of the day- perfect for a chilly morning turned warm day -was a light weight chiffon polka dot shirt in black from Mango, a black pencil skirt from Mango and a pair of black suede flats with buckles up the legs from Aldo.  I wore a lot of black in order to not distract from the colors of the pastries I made.

The desserts I served were italian sprinkle cookies (recipe in a post from a few weeks ago), pretzel brownies (recipe in last post), red velvet cupcakes (recipe posted about 2 months ago) rainbow cookies and mini black and white cookies- stay tuned for those recipes soon!

There is a lot more to come, ’til next time xox wagtd  


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