Shoulders on Display- 2017 Resort Wear – Part 1 

What’s a girl to do in between Fashion Seasons?? Thank God for Resort collections!  I think it’s safe to say that shoulders are having a major moment (or 2..)- we’ve been seeing shoulder accentuation (off the shoulder/ shoulder cutout..) for a while now and the resort collections were no different.  Good luck with the tricky tan lines- but seriously this trend is so flattering in my opinion that it’s worth it!

Elie Saab
Temperley London
Temperley London
ZAC by Zac Posen
3.1 Phillip Lim

Marc Jacobs threw us through a time warp with his major nod to the 80s and all that was great during that decade.  I was born in the (late) 80s so my 80s experience is pretty limited and from before I can really remember but the colors- bright and neon, the prints- over the top and the frizzy crimped hair are just totally 80licous! Oh and how can I forget his nod to MTV- the channel that changed the way people watched tv and listened to music.  He brought us the 80s in 2016 and it’s so much fun!

Other recurring trends included: knits, florals, mixed patterns, ruffles, pleats, tiered skirts, sheer material and many other trends that continued from the AW collections that were recently presented. (Check out my earlier posts for more on those collections! 

The way resort collections work- being showcased one after another for over a month- makes it hard to conclude it all at once.  Stay tuned, there is so much more to come!  

Here are some of my latest Resort wear  sketches straight from my sketch book: 

Take care of those shoulders!

Xox- wagtd 


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