When baking and fashion meet

Fashion season is fast approaching, what’s a girl to do when she has fashion on her mind and is in the mood for something sweet? Fashion related desserts obviously!  I’ve baked a wide array of “fashion” (and textile) desserts recently and here’s a little taste! All recipes are dairy free!  Some of the recipes have been shared in previous posts and others will be shared soon in the meantime feast your eyes on some of these:

Fudge cookies- remind me of buttons

Oh how I would love a dress or a skirt with a pattern like the ones on these Italian Sprinkle Cookies!  (link to my blog post featuring the recipe here!!)

When I  made these sugar cookies with sugar glaze and  drizzled chocolate I was thinking about swatches of material..  That was my inspiration so I call these textile cookies!


My attempt at a freehand fashion illustration out of melted chocolate on a classic sugar cookie.

Butterfly sugar cookies (drizzled with chocolate of course)- inspired by London AW 2016 Fashion week where butterfly print was extremely prominent!
 (link to my blog post here!!)


Tie Dye cookies – when textiles and cookies meet!
Chocolate crinkle cookies would also make a great textile pattern
Sugar cookie prep!
Sugar cookie dancers


Babka- because twisting dough like this reminded me of fabric draping!  🙂
Shoe Shaped brownies covered in melted chocolate and sprinkles- how much fun are these??

Color, texture, twists and shapes- dessert is always stylish!  More recipes are on their way so stay tuned!

Xox- wagtd 


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