Winter In the Middle east- What’s a Girl to Wear? Winter 2016-17

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! I love winter!  Winter in Israel is not the same as it was back in New York but it is pretty great.  The crisp clean air and the amazing outfit options make this season the best!  Plus the holidays.. Living in Jerusalem I get to really experience a mix of Hanukah and Christmas, this year they fall out at the same time!  Here are some local pictures for inspiration- from assorted jelly doughnuts to lights everywhere- it is an extremely festive season!

So pretty right?


Let me take you back about 9 months to the AW 2016-17 shows.  Designers predicted what we’d be wearing now, were they right?  That is always such an interesting question- were the trends on spot?  Did the audience follow the trends? While fashionistas in the colder parts of the world are donning their fur  coats these days, here in Israel things are a little different. Fur, which was front and center during fashion week, is totally impractical here but in colder parts of the world it is huge!  A shoutout to one of my favorite fashion bloggers”Excessories expert”  in NY who rocks fur- in psychedelic colors nonetheless, dressing her young daughters in fur as well- pulling it off better than anyone I know.

About 2 winters ago the fur vest made its first appearance on the racks at assorted stores, the prices were high but you spotted a fashionista here and there sporting the vest.  I loved it but oh my were they expensive!  It was the perfect way to incorporate fur into our middle eastern wardrobe.  The weather here in the winter can be so unpredictable and while right now it is rainy and cold, it was hot and dry until about 2 weeks ago.  Those vests seemed so amazingly glamorous and perfect.  fast forward one year and they start selling them all over!  I was considering buying one again and the prices were lowered but it got old very fast so I decided not to.  This year I still see those vests at even cheaper prices and while they are part of the larger fur trend they just seem old to me.  that doesn’t mean people can’t pull the look off- just yesterday I saw a woman in Zara sporting a real cute outfit that included a fur vest but I will stick to my leather jacket (that I bought about 3 years ago at a ridiculously cheap price but has lasted wonderfully so far!  Thank you Mango!)

Now back to those trends- layers are always a thing in this weather but layered slip dresses over shirts (that rocked the runways)- not so much.  Then again Zara and other brands have been selling light slip dresses as part of their winter collection so I guess they are encouraging the style which is already something.

Pleats galore!  That trend is wildly popular- at the beginning of the season I bought a leopard print (another trend!) pleated skirt from Zara and so far it’s a great buy!  Metallic pleats, ruffles, tiered shirts and skirts and assorted appliques on clothing are also very big, fast fashion brands are loving these trends but some of the others have been forgotten, or just less prominent.  Pussy bows- one of my favorite trends- is almost nowhere to be found.  Also cloaks- I guess they just aren’t practical enough for day to day life?

Street style doesn’t change much in the winter- we all have our staples that keep us warm and while the jacket/ coat of the moment seems to be an army green parka-like coat (see Just Cavalli’s design above) with a fur edged hood.

Footwear is very nineties- clunky black laced up boots with buckles and studs, giving them a real grunge feel.  Often clunky heels that are a serious throwback.  Truthfully the functionality of this trend is refreshing, it is a rare day when you see a woman in thigh high high heeled boots nowadays.

Another favorite winter accessory is a wonderful wintery manicure.  Check my latest intergalactic manicure!  (I love my manicurist..) As well as some other “winter” beauties:


I can’t believe 2016 is coming to an end, it feels like it just began.. Til’ next time- wishing you all happy holidays!  Wherever you are whether it is hot, cold or somewhere in between I hope it is magical! xox – WAGTD



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