Straight From My Sketchbook- 2016 Rundown

It’s the last day of 2016 and as we count down the hours until 2017 I can’t help but remember the year that was.  How’s a girl to summarize 2016?  Let me summarize it with some of  my favorite fashion sketches from the past year, here goes:

So there you have it- a little taste of the year that was through sketches.

But we can’t forget all the other things that happened in 2016- what a year it has been!

Live streams, Insta stories and so many other innovations have made our social media experience extremely instantaneous and intimate.  With Instagram launching their stories – which is like snapchat where we can see glimpses of so many people’s mundane moments of their life in realtime – and Facebook offering live streaming we have entered a new era.  Are vlogs becoming obsolete?  Only time will tell if these platforms will remain popular and relevant.  It is exhausting to constantly be on- instagramming and snapchatting and tweeting and let’s not forget Facebook.  I don’t mean to sound old because I’m a millennial (!) and I truly am enjoying all these platforms, especially since it makes our world that much smaller and our goals whether personal or career oriented so much more accessible, but it can  be tedious.  This year Snapchat really grew.  The filters it offers have become so well known among us, Snapchat really branded that!  I’m no tech trend reporter but it seems 2016 was pretty momentous.

An area that is very near and dear to my heart that has really changed is the cooking video platform.  The rise of step by step minimalistic recipe videos thanks to platforms such as popsugar and buzzfeed are changing the way people cook. Truthfully as cute as the new cooking videos are I miss the old school cooking shows and find myself watching barefoot contessa for comfort…  (Gotta love Ina!)


It’s been a year of 90s nostalgia, crop tops and shoulder accentuation (but not in a shoulder pad kind of way) a year of clunky shoes, fur, ruffles, jewelry and cutouts!!.  A year of so many wonderful things.  A year since I started this blog!  (woo hoo!)  I have so many hopes and dreams for this blog and I hope that the coming year brings wonderful success for all. One thing I think for sure is that fashion-wise – 2016 you were great!  Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

Happy New Years!

xox~ Wagtd


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