Celebrating Dresses- Straight from my Sketchbook, January 2017

Over the past few days I’ve tried to take every opportunity to draw.  The search for inspiration is endless and I found myself as always going through pictures of Pre-Fall collections and the Golden Globes red carpet.  While drawing Golden Globe gowns I came upon a Facebook memory from exactly 6 years ago featuring a Golden Globes gown that Olivia Wilde wore that I was admiring.

How crazy is it to stumble upon something from years ago that has relevance today.

As posted on Facebook 6 years ago!

To this day I still love Marchesa, to this day I still love sparkles but then again that magical feeling I felt when looking at that dress a mere 6 years ago isn’t there anymore.  It is amazing how much our taste changes throughout the years.

Couture week starts today and I can’t wait!  Before all of that here are some pretty dresses I sketched, inspired by the red carpets at the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice Awards and some Pre-Fall 2017 designs, in the spirit of the memory from 2011 it is mostly Marchesa.


Stars are a big thing in fashion lately.  It’s great to see how Emma Stone is wearing this gorgeous “star studded” Valentino dress.


Here’s to always finding inspiration!

‘Til next time, ~XOX WAGTD



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