Ruffles and Fluff everywhere! Couture- SS 2017

Couture week!!!  I love it!! Let me just begin by saying- Giambattista Valli- what detail and those extreme skirts… As always he doesn’t disappoint with the volume 🙂

– These were my first thoughts of couture week.  Little did I know that pretty much all the designers were going to be continuing with VOLUME!  Couture week was filled with fluff and ruffles that were volumized to the max!  Tiered skirts, sparkles, fur-like fluff and the color pink as seen on the the runways of ready to wear fashion shows for summer 2017 dominated.

A shout out to Dior’s new designer Maria Grazia Chiuri- what a collection!  She brought us into an enchanted forest and just wow!!

Without further ado here are some of my drawings from couture week.  I could have gone on and on but I had to stop somewhere…

Giambattista Valli Inspired
Giambattista Valli Inspired
Dior Inspired
Dior and Chanel Inspired
Chanel Inspired
Ulyana Sergeenko and Ralph & Russo inspired
Giambattista Valli Inspired
Giambattista Valli and Schiaparelli inspired
Chanel and Valentino inspired
Elie Saab inspired
Zuhair Murad and Viktor & Rolf inspired
Givenchy and Schiaparelli inspired
Viktor & Rolf Inspired
Chanel and Valentino inspired



When I was a little girl my mom kept me busy with bridal magazines.  Let me preface.  It was 1991 (I think) and my aunt was engaged.  My mother and grandmother had copies of Modern Bride and other bridal magazines laying around and I was a magazine girl from a young age, I sat looking at them for hours!  I was 3 and this is truly one of my earliest memories.  To this day the feel and smell of a new magazine, the discoveries in those pages- nothing can compare!  So it became a tradition- on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur when my mother wanted to keep my sister and me busy she bought us bridal magazines instead of toys and they were fabulous!  Now fast forwards 25 years and Karl Lagerfeld sparked some early memories with his finale  ruffled dress at the Chanel show (drawn in the photo above), I still remember staring at colorful frilly wedding gowns that looked very much like Karl Lagerfeld’s creation.  That nostalgic feeling is incredible as is that dress!  Wow!

Thanks for a wonderful couture week!  ‘Til next time- xox ~ WAGTD


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