Modest Fashion Day and Other Inspiration 

Jerusalem, Israel- About a month and a half ago I had the pleasure of attending “modest fashion day”- a special first ever fashion event geared towards religious women.  The world is going crazy with modest fashion and while the clothing on the runway at the event I attended was great, nothing beat the “street” looks, here is a little taste.  Insane wigs (it is a certain Jewish custom for married women to cover their hair, many do so with gorgeous wigs) fabulous shoes (shoes are pretty much always modest) oh and pleated skirts were (and still are) all the rage!

Here goes:

This woman’s head piece was really something- she was sitting in front of me it made for some interesting pictures 🙂

Of course there were bridal gowns 😉

That crown!!!


On another note- as the holidays and summer approach I have been spending a lot of time updating my wardrobe.  I couldn’t help but notice that among the 90s inspired-wear were (are) pom poms galore!  Here is a little taste of some of the pompoms I saw:

And that doesn’t include all the pompom hats I saw all over the place all winter long!

More on that another time…

Happy holidays to all!  I hope you have something fabulous to wear!

I’ll leave you with this fabulous jacket from Zara (that doesn’t look that good on unfortunately but still..)


And these spectacular shoes by Kate Spade for Keds (I need these!!!)


‘Til next time..



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