Pink and Black Forever! Spring – Summer 2018 As Seen At NYFW Straight From My Sketchbook

New York fashion week was 2 weeks ago and while that seems like forever ago I had to take a moment to discuss it and share my sketches.

So let’s start with a little story- I went through a long phase where there was a certain shade of pink that warmed my heart more than any other! In Hebrew it used to be called antique pink, some people called it dirty pink but now it’s probably considered somewhere in the rose gold range. (I love rose gold!) I loved that color! My wardrobe consisted many dresses in assorted shades of that pink and I planned on having that as my wedding color. To be more precise I planned on my colors being that shade of pink and black. Fast forward about 8-10 years later and Marchesa’s runway show for spring summer 2018 features that combo! It warmed my heart and brought back so many memories.. Memories of the wedding I planned for myself (sans the groom who has still yet to arrive..) but also it showed how much our tastes change. I still love those colors but I doubt those will be my wedding colors. Regardless Marchesa as always put on a glamorous show full of femininity and summer love featuring chiffons and appliqué 3-d flowers that were seen in so many other shows. Marchesa’s shows always make me feel like a little girl again so thank you! We kept seeing that shade of pinkish peach in other shows as well as some other black and pink combos like at the 3.1 Phillip Lim show.

Another color for next summer is orange- there was orange everywhere! And while me being a redhead pretty much means I won’t be wearing that color it is a lively one. Also blues were big and we continued to see cutouts but this season the cutouts were a little more complex, perfect examples of that were seen in the spectacular Christian Siriano show.

Ruffles and fringe and tiered skirts are all over the place, I wonder when their time will end since it feels like it’s been a while.

Another designer who is a favorite of mine with his complexities and meticulous designs is Naeem Khan, oh boy, I couldn’t get enough of his colorful fringy dresses. I really enjoyed drawing inspired drawing of his designs.

So here are some of the drawings I drew inspired by NYFW. As always there is so much more there, I always think it’s the richest of all the fashion weeks in terms of material and wearable fashion.

Without further ado- straight from my sketchbook:

The Drawing process as seen from my sketchbook

So there you have it, can’t wait to share my sketches from the rest of the shows but wishing all my Jewish followers a Shana Tova UMetuka!

It’s been a while! This blog is going to go through an overhaul, more on that soon, but in the meantime it’s fashion show season! I couldn’t miss that!

‘tl next time, ~xox Wagtd


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