The sketches that weren’t posted.. (Until now) 2017 Rundown and Ramble

2017 is coming to an end!  I feel like it just began but so much happened this past year.  Like last year I thought I’d share some sketches that haven’t made it to any of this years posts and some of the trends that graced us with their presence this past year:

First straight from my sketchbook- mostly inspired by assorted red carpet looks alongside some couture and bridal looks from 2017:




2017 was the year of the tassel earrings, furry everything (those slippers- horrendous!) 90s nostalgia (loving it and can’t wait to see how this is continued!) more shoulders shown off, cutouts and so much more but honestly it was a graceful transition from 2016 to 2017. It seems like not much has changed. Sparkles are still all over the place in upgraded forms and the trend forecasters don’t see those going anywhere.  Oh and rose gold!  I love it but people seem a little tired of it..  We’ll see what happens to it in 2018.

2017 seemed to be the year that fast fashion got even faster and sites like ASOS became way more accessible (not that they weren’t before) and in use.  With that the quality of the clothing is pretty pathetic- sorry.. I have ordered numerous clothing from ASOS this year and while there were some great finds and in a whole the site is extremely user friendly and diverse I couldn’t help but notice some of the terrible quality that is available at the tip of our fingers.  I guess you get what you pay for.. I am a quality snob, always have been and probably always will be.  As a textile designer that can be expected.  My loyalty to Zara stayed intact this year (shocker) and if there’s one thing that Asos gave me it is a stronger appreciation for Zara (I didn’t know that was possible…)

So I’m rambling here but this year has been interesting and the winter has brought  some cool trends, one in particular that is EVERYWHERE-

golden heeled black boots- have you seen them?  I have, all over Jerusalem and at every store.

Tassel Earrings- this trend was first seen on the runways and now is everywhere.  Like so many other fun trends this has become a little overdone which is a shame..  But the look that tassel earrings add to an outfit is a complete upgrade!  In 2018 I hope to finally make my own homemade ones, better late than never and as a craft lover that should be fun so stay tuned!

Off the shoulder- people keep saying this is ending but I don’t know about that..  I dress according to certain modesty rules and I have to say this is the one look that I wish I could rock I think it’s just so elegant.

90s nostalgia- So this has been a theme since 2016 too but I am loving all the throwbacks to the 90s.. whether it’s the doc marten style boots or the fur that reminds me of my grandmothers friends that I used to see in Synagogue back in the 90s in Brooklyn, NY- now the fur is faux and the silhouettes are a little different but the memories…

2018 is an exciting year- I will be turning 30 at the beginning of it (more about that in my next post!) so right now I’m enjoying the end of my 20s.. and I have big plans for the blog!  I presented framed sketches at a popup show in jerusalem the other week and my plan is to do more of that.  Also I’ve been talking to women I have been meeting about how they dress and have started sketching their looks for what I hope will be a series on the modest fashionistas of Jerusalem! I really hope 2018 is better than I expect,  I have so many hopes and dreams..

So before I sign off wishing you all a wonderful 2018- here are some doodles from my sketchbook since patterns are always on my mind…


Wishing you all a fabulous end of 2017 and a spectacular 2018!

’til next time~ xox wagtd


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