29 And Holding, For Now.. A Girl Concludes Her 20s

I’ve written and rewritten this so many times but maybe less is more…  Here goes!

Happy 1st post of 2018 and how appropriate that this is right before my birthday.  (January birthdays woohoo!) How’s a girl to celebrate her birthday?  I am 29, turning 30- monumental!!!  I think all the influencers I follow have turned 30 over the past 2 years and have posted articles about what you should accomplish, what they accomplished and how you should feel- all that added was stress and disappointment.   Instead of focusing on what you should be doing in your 20s and how you should be feeling in your 30s, because honestly I don’t know and I’m figuring this all out just like everyone else, here is a post of positivity.  To celebrate the end of my 20s here’s a list of 30 things I love!  Off the cuff and totally spontaneous.  There are so many other things left off the list but one of the main feelings I’ve felt and heard others talking about lately is losing yourself in the grind of life, forgetting and more than that not knowing what you love and enjoy and feeling extremely confused- so off the top of my head and without further ado here goes:

  1. I love to draw (that seems pretty obvious..) 

  2. I love to bake (pretty obvious too..) 

  3. I love to go to concerts- the big ones I went to in 2017 were Aerosmith, Britney Spears and Bryan Adams, can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!
  4. I love getting my nails done (I’m known for my crazy manicures thanks to my fabulous manicurist!) 

  5. I love fashion
  6. I love graffiti and street art in general 

  7. I love embroidery 

  8. I love to watch fashion shows
  9. I love asian food
  10. I love the city- my favorite view is a cityscape
  11. I love magazines
  12. I love cookbooks- my collection is one of my prides and joy!
  13. I love pilates- I am appreciative that in my 20s I learned to love working out- especially pilates and core workouts!
  14. I love wine festivals- bring on the merlot!
  15. I love the Backstreet Boys- thankful that after loving them since I was 10 I had the opportunity to see them perform live in my 20s- in 2015!  It was incredible!
  16. I love chocolate (typical..) especially chocolate with peppermint
  17. I love crowds…  Feeling like I’m part of a crowd is amazing!  I guess it’s the NYC girl at heart that loves the feeling of non-stop people
  18. I love art- there are so many types I love I won’t start listing them now, one of my old-time dreams was and sometimes still is to become a museum curator!
  19. I love a good Broadway show- my 1st broadway show I ever went to was for my 8th birthday- 22 years ago how crazy is that!  It was Les Miz- my grandmother took me to it and got us amazing seats.  I’ve been to so many since but the magic of my first time at a show like that is incredible!
  20. I love winter especially the snow- born in the snow in Brooklyn, NY baby!  You can take the girl out of New York but you can’t take NY out of the girl!
  21. I love road trips- good music, good company, good snacks and great views- what could be bad about that?
  22. I love cookies and cake- shocking I know..
  23. I love 90s nostalgia- Lisa Frank, and so much more!
  24. I love to read- Nowadays my favorites are romance novels- I guess I’m a real romantic…
  25. I love inspiring lectures- I’ve been to so many lately and discovered so many amazing influencers in my 20s- I wonder who the next decade will bring..
  26. I love to multi task- knitting/ drawing and watching a show at the same time is the way to go!
  27. I love family gatherings and celebrations
  28. I love thunderstorms- the memories of hanging out with family during blackouts and thunderstorms are some of my fondest memories!
  29. I love to shop (is that shocking? probably not..)
  30. I love matchmaking (long story- one of my big passions, maybe I’ll write more about that another time..)

I haven’t accomplished everything I hoped to in my 20s.  Not even close!  But maybe that’s just part of life.. I feel younger and more vibrant than I did a few years ago.  There has been a lot of disappointment, hopefully that’s helped build me in to a stronger person.  Some heartbreak because what’s life without it- and honestly it wasn’t even romantic.  Romantically my 20s have been dull but I am thankful that I was spared that kind of heartbreak.  I am hopeful for the future, things seem to be coming together finally.  Maybe I’m a late bloomer or maybe, and probably this is more accurate, there is no right time for certain things- we all do things when we are meant to and we learn in the process.  No more saying things like “I’m so old” because 30 is pretty young and honestly there is nothing wrong with being old!  We can learn so much from our elders, we should embrace age.  I don’t know how I can conclude a decade- I started it as a kid and finished it as an older kid.  I completed my degree.  I became part of a community and made amazing friends.  So many wonderful things have happened and so much self discovery.  I spent a lot of time focusing on what I didn’t have or didn’t do over the past 10 years and not on what I have accomplished and discovered which is wrong.  This post is more about the positivity and gratitude.  No matter what we accomplish or what we don’t we shouldn’t let lists define us.

So here is to my 20s- I am grateful!  Also I was looking through old sketchbooks from about 7-8 years ago and I figured why not share some sketches from my days as a design student at Shenkar!  My sketches have changed a little but not much… so here goes, straight from some older sketchbooks:

And here is to my 30s- I am hopeful and excited!  30 flirty and fabulous? 30 flirty and thriving?  Sounds about right.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Here’s to a fabulous new year and decade of my life.

‘Til next time- ~xox wagtd


(note- all the pictures posted here are mine- a small collection representing some of the things I love on my list – drawings and embroidery done throughout my 20s all the pictures were taken then as well- so much more to come so keep checking back in!)

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