What’s a Girl to Do When Things Don’t Go As Planned?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I had grand plans- plans for blog posts that haven’t been posted yet, plans to go to New York for Fashion week in February and so much more.  Things have been a real roller coaster over the past few months.  I hope and pray that this spring/summer season brings positive renewal for all.

In honor of my 30th birthday I got more personal than I have ever gotten here and while my blogging journey is at it’s relatively early stages maybe one day those words will help someone.

Thirty started amazingly!  I will leave it at that.  I had hoped to go to NY for fashion week and this is where life gets to be, well, life-like.  My grandfather got extremely sick and passed away in NY a few days before fashion season started.  Now here are some personal details- my whole extended family lives in NY as did my grandfather and my parents, siblings and I live in Israel, my grandfather was laid to rest in Israel and my father was sitting Shiva (Jewish custom is that a person whose parent / sibling / child /spouse passes away sits shiva- mourns for a week- when people visit and share condolences) obviously fashion week wasn’t on my mind as we were taking care of the mourners and all and mourning this terrible loss in our family.

After the the mourning period I tried to draw and get inspired and it was tough… But I did and I will share some.  I have been trying to find inspiration from the people in my surrounding which eventually will be posted- hopefully sooner rather than later.

I entered my 30s with so much hope and I have learnt a lot in the 3 months since this new decade of my life has begun.  But now on to some pretty things because honestly it’s been therapeutic.

I dedicate this blog post that is a compilation of some of the drawings I drew after my beloved grandfather’s passing to him, in loving memory.  He was always so supportive of my passion for art and design, we went to countless museums together- whether it was the Museum of Natural History, the Met, the Guggenheim, Madame Tussauds or the Israel Museum.

There have been a lot of ups and downs over the past 3 months, maybe eventually I will share some more but this one, this is what matters most.

Life doesn’t go as planned but we should always continue doing what we love!

Here are some drawings inspired by the Fall-Winter 2018 fashion shows from NY, London, Milan and Paris. It’s not as comprehensive as I planned but it’s filled with love and emotion!

Here’s to good news and good times.

Until next time~ xox WAGTD


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