What’s a Girl to Say?

Welcome to What’s a Girl to Do!

I find myself asking that question very often so here goes my attempt at answering it!  What is this blog? Well let’s just call it a Sketch blog- a place where I share my sketches, a live sketchbook if you will.  A large part of my life consists of sketches in my sketchbook and homemade baked goods.  Let’s see how well I can combine the two.

You might ask who I am- here is one answer:

An artist and designer by day and a baker by night 011

(dairy-free smiley cookies by me:)- recipe will be posted soon)

But more than that I am a former New Yorker, current Jerusalemite.  My identity consists of these two places which has always given me a unique point of view. I love fashion, baking, drawing, music, art and everything urban.

An artist I met once said- draw every day! He is right- it’s extremely therapeutic.   After graduating from the Shenkar School of Design with a degree in Textile design I couldn’t find a job in my field but I never stopped drawing (or baking) this is going back to the basics for me, sharing some of my sketches in hopes of creating a community of sketchers (which there already is, it’s growing every day!) and in hopes of displaying the unique styles of Jerusalem and from the world Straight from my sketchbook!



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