All About A Girl

Who am I?  My name is Shira and I was born to a typical NYC family.  I spent my childhood chilling in the Brooklyn playgrounds, going to Broadway shows, riding the subway and experiencing many of those typical NYC kid experiences.  (museums, botanical gardens, flower shows, baseball games, bagels and lox, Thanksgiving dinner and so much more)

When I was 9 my parents decided to move my siblings and me (and themselves) to Jerusalem Israel.  Moving a bunch of NYC kids to the middle east is really something but they made it work!

I grew up feeling like an outsider in Jerusalem and started learning fashion design when I was 12.  It became the perfect escape.  I was always the girl with the magazines, I collected them (and still have quite a collection) they were and still are an amazing inspiration.

A lot happened over the years but fast forward years of art and design courses and I went off to college- studying textile design at Shenkar in Tel Aviv. I learned to appreciate so much more than just clothing but I never stopped drawing.  So here we are, post graduation and back full time in Jerusalem itching to show off this city and the things I love through drawing, via my sketchbook.  I’ve fallen in love with this city but still feel like an international person.  I’ve always followed the fashion shows worldwide so why not mix my inspiration from there with some local inspiration.  There’s so much to share so stay tuned!  This is going to be quite the ride (an exciting and pretty one I hope:))